about karsyn

Karsyn Construction Inc. was established in 1995 in Clovis, CA. We serve a diverse group of clients throughout the Central Valley and Bay Area. We provide a wide variety of services for public works projects including Metal Stud Framing, Drywall Installation, Drywall Finishing, Lath, and Interior and Exterior Plaster. We also specialize in different types of exterior plaster such as Three-Coat Cement Plaster and Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS). Karsyn Construction, Inc. has completed over 500 projects for a total of over 180 million dollars in the past 25 years.


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Discover quality in professionalism at Karsyn Construction Inc., where we pride ourselves in being one of the most respected workforces in the construction industry.  We work as a team to build exceptional projects while creating everlasting relationships and ensuring the upmost safety of our employees and members of our community. We offer many opportunities for skill development, as well as an inclusive benefits package. We are always looking for talented and industrious individuals to join our team. We encourage you to learn more about life at Karsyn and contact us today!



Local 9083
Plasterers Union